Five Free Courses on AI Ethics

Five Free Courses on AI Ethics

Five Free Courses on AI Ethics

September 26, 2023

September 26, 2023

September 26, 2023

If you are interested in learning about AI Ethics or Ethical AI development, you need not break your bank to do so. There are plenty of FREE courses available with amazing content.

In this blog I will review a few of them.

AI Ethics at SAP

Although it sounds like a company specific training course, "AI Ethics at SAP" is actually useful for anyone to gain a practical understanding of what it means to develop an ethical AI framework and put it into practice.

Its available for free on the OpenSAP training portal. To learn more about this course, watch the video below.

Thinking AI

Bringing together ethical, legal and social aspects of AI" is a new online open course developed by SCAI (Sorbonne Center for Artificial Intelligence) and the 4EU+ Alliance. Free and open to everyone, and of particular interest to master’s students and doctoral candidates, it invites people to learn about the ethical, sociological and legal implications of AI technologies. The course encompasses 11 online lessons, directed by recognized AI specialists, in a flexible format to facilitate accessibility. Access the "Thinking AI" course here by creating a free account.

Embrace responsible AI principles and practices

This module is available for free from Microsoft on their learn portal and is part of the Transform your business with Microsoft AI course. Its 48 minutes long and includes the following content:-

  • Describe the importance of engaging with AI in a responsible manner.

  • Identify six guiding principles to develop and use AI responsibly.

  • Describe successful practices to responsible AI governance.

If you wish to know more about Microsofts Responsible AI Guidelines, you could also watch my video on youtube on this topic.

Ethics of AI

Ethics of AI is a free course from the University of Helsinki and was created to encourage people to learn what AI ethics means, what can and can’t be done to develop AI in an ethically sustainable way, and how to start thinking about AI from an ethical point of view.

IEEE Awareness module on AI Ethics

IEEE is a leader in AI Ethics certification with its proven CertifAIEd framework for assessment of ethics in AI development. While the assessor training costs money, the awareness module on AI Ethics is completely free. Access the course via the blended learning portal here.

Ethics in AI and Data Science (LFS112x)

The Linux foundation has also released a FREE course on Ethics in AI and Data Science. In this course you will learn about business drivers for AI, the ethical challenges and impacts of AI and Data Science, the business and societal dynamics at work in an AI world, the key principles for building responsible AI, and more. This course introduces some of the principles and frameworks that puts ethics and responsibility into practice in the data analytics profession. And offers practical approaches to technical, business and leadership dilemmas and challenges posed by work in AI and Data Science. Access the course by clicking on this link.

There are many more paid and free courses out there for you to learn about AI Ethics, Responsible AI and Ethical AI development, however these five are my top favorites and I hope you enjoy them too.

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