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India's MeitY Issues New Advisory for AI Platforms - Full Text included

March 02, 2024

Writing a Checklist for AI Governance Certification Using NIST RMF

February 20, 2024

AI Governance Certification: Elevating Organizational AI Maturity

February 23, 2024

Three tools to navigate the EU AI Act

February 05, 2024

EU AI Act FAQ - Part 3

EU AI Act FAQ - Part 2

EU AI Act - Interview by Gen AI Reality Check Channel

December 23, 2023

Exploring the Future of AI Ethics with Biju Krishnan

December 23, 2023

Outcomes of the final negotiation round on EU AI Act

December 10, 2023

Certificate In AI Ethics and Governance

December 02, 2023

Regulatory sandboxes for EU AI Act - Will this EU initiative help allay concerns?

October 22, 2023

Understanding the Impact of the EU AI Act on Generative AI

October 22, 2023

The Impact of the EU AI Act on Tech Startups: What Entrepreneurs Need to Know

October 22, 2023

IEEE CertifAIEd Assessor Training - My experience

October 12, 2023

A.I. Verify - Automating AI Ethics Assessment

October 09, 2023

How has the insurance industry reacted to the EU AI Act?

October 8, 2023

The Impact of the EU AI Act on General Purpose AI

October 01, 2023

Three Free Introduction Courses on the EU AI Act

October 01, 2023

Five Free Courses on AI Ethics

September 26, 2023

Artificial Intelligence Liability Directive (AILD) - a follow up to EU AI Act

September 25, 2023

EU AI Act - Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

September 20, 2023

AI ethics and governance assessment tools

September 14, 2023

die Auswirkungen der EU-AI-Act auf verschiedene Branchen

September 14, 2023

EU AI Act Zusammenfassung - auf Deutsch - In German

September 12, 2023

Gamify Ethical AI Development

September 12, 2023

AI Governance Maturity Assessment

September 11, 2023

Ethical AI Development - How are major corporations managing it?

September 11, 2023

capAI - Internal Review Protocol for EU AI Act

September 07, 2023

Impact of EU AI Act on different industries

September 07, 2023

IEEE CertifAIEd - AI Ethics Certification Program

September 6, 2023

AI Governance software

September 4, 2023

EU AI Act: What It Means for Businesses

September 04, 2023

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There is no better time to start with AI governance for your organization

There is no better time to start with AI governance for your organization