Gamify Ethical AI Development

Gamify Ethical AI Development

Gamify Ethical AI Development

September 12, 2023

September 12, 2023

September 12, 2023

Ethics in AI can often come across as a dull sermon to your development team, leaving many uninspired.

Here are some opinions found on social media suggesting the trend.

In this blog post, we'll explore innovative ways to infuse the spirit of gaming into the process, making ethical considerations an integral and enjoyable part of AI product and service development. So, if you're ready to transform ethics discussions into thrilling endeavours, read on to discover the power of gamification in shaping the future of AI.

Microsoft Judgement Call

Imagine a game that not only entertains but also serves a higher purpose. One that takes Microsoft's core AI principles of fairness, privacy, security, reliability, transparency, inclusion, and accountability and transforms them into an engaging team-based activity. Welcome to "Judgment Call" - a unique experience designed to put these principles into action and foster empathy among stakeholders.

In my opinion this is the most relevant and complete toolkit out there for a good all round discussion on Ethical AI.

Moral Machine by MIT

If your aim is to foster sensitivity and ethical awareness within your team, look no further than MIT's Moral Machine. This remarkable tool not only boasts a comprehensive catalog of pre-existing scenarios but also offers a versatile scenario designer.

The scenario designer empowers your colleagues to craft scenarios that your future products might encounter in real-world situations. These scenarios can then be utilized to evaluate the decision-making process of your peers when faced with similar ethical challenges. This invaluable feature facilitates the collection of diverse opinions, ultimately assisting you in refining the ethical responses of your AI products.

EUR Dilemma Game

Although originally intended to discuss ethical dilemmas in general, this mobile game can help product managers and ethical AI champions design scenarios that an AI product might face in the future and seek opinions and reactions from peers to find ways to eliminate potential harms.

The EUR dilemma game has been created by the Erasmus University of Roterdam and is available both on Android and Apple Store. It has a group mode, where a moderator can post scenarios and the participants are encouraged to provide decision input to complicated ethical scenarios which are later used in analysis.

In a world where the discussion of "Ethics in AI" can sometimes feel like a monotonous lecture, it's essential to inject creativity and engagement into the conversation. As we've explored in this blog post, there are fascinating tools available that can transform ethical AI discussions into immersive experiences.

These tools not only make ethics discussions more enjoyable but also pave the way for well-rounded ethical AI solutions. So, embrace these innovative tools, and let the power of gamification reshape your approach to ethical AI in product and service development. It's a journey that's both insightful and transformative, enriching not only your team's understanding but also the impact of your AI solutions on the world.

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